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Hi Brian,

I appreciate your insightful remarks. To begin with, although I have some nostalgia about not living in the United States, (along with some angst about living in France) I don't think it's a grass being greener issue. At this point I think it's a fish and water kind of thing- it's hard for a fish to see the water until it's on dry land. That's one of the things that i most enjoy about living in France- the opportunity to see two countries both from the inside and the outside.

What you said about cultures and communities resonated me- and it's something that I'm hoping to be able to explore further in my research. It's true that North Americans are very individualistic, but yet we manage to create great communities on the web. There was a very interesting report on the Arabic world blogosphere published recently by Harvard- North Americans use social media very similarly and very differently from the Middle East.

Denis- thanks for your lead- I'll definitely be following that up!


"Ideas that I'm trying to develop include how culture, language and technology affect the use of such tools.", danah boyd touched this point on her presentation at Modernity2.0 in Urbino. It might help you.

Let's see if I can find some video around....


Still noodling over this amazing comment.

Yes, I do miss mostly my mother - although I came towards opportunity, I sacrificed 20+ years with her to do that. It's still hard today. We're indeed part of a community, a system, a society, and in the most evolved form, the same energy.

I hope Kelly is reading your comment and has a chance to add her insights.

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