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I had to return here in hopes that Shiv might still lurk.

Shiv, to the question I posed in my original comment about agency financial models, I found this blog post to be relevant:

I know you said your agency doesn't rely on media revenues, but new/viral/social media has changed it for many others.

Thanks again.

Shiv - I completely agree with your comment about needing to connect with individuals emotionally to get through the cacophony of a crowded market-place. But how do you suggest small businesses take advantage of this new level playing field? Social media is a seductive concept for small businesses, yet there is a great under-estimation of the time and effort involved in building the emotional connection. What if the small business person lacks the time and ability to engage? Is there still value in a transactional relationship with customer - i.e. you advertise specials and deals and that drives their interest in staying in touch. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Great interview by the way

nice, paced, and insightful interview....shiv have been both leading the transformation and is the transformation itself.

The way he seems to carry the spirit of the agency, perspective of the client and impulse of a hunter is commendable.

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