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Excellent, Shiv. Thank you for responding.

To the last point: I guess there's a fine line between aligning values and feeling out of control of your destiny. Business (your clients) deals with this every moment of every day in very sophisticated ways. Their agency relationships but one example.

Thanks again.


Thanks for your comments and questions. I can't speak for other agencies but in the case of Razorfish our revenues aren't just dependent on media sales. Where media sales drop often digital strategy and web development fees increase. Since we're an interactive agency (we don't buy media outside of digital), this is hardly an issue for us. And within digital our clients are savvy enough to know when something is being pushed onto them especially since anything related to social media starts with a small test.

You're absolutely right - we look at the client constraints we get as the context within which we play and not as restrictions. But it would be naive to think that our clients are in complete control of their own destinies - they have their own politics, competing priorities and challenges of their own. All I was doing was recognizing that that's a factor for our clients.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for this interview Valeria, and your willingness, Shiv. Very informative.

My questions:

- We often hear agencies say, as you do, that social and new media are good enhancements to traditional advertising. Given the financial model of agencies and the revenue they stand to loose with the continued decline in media sales, how much of this response do you think is motivated by a certain degree of fear on the part of agencies?

- You tip your hat to the cautiousness of certain clients, citing one reason as the constraining nature of the politics within their enterprises. Have you ever worked with people on the agency side that see this reality as not constraining, but rather contexts within which agencies must simply work?

Again, thank you both for your time.

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