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It is remarkable at how few reciprocal follows the people on this list have. As if only they have good ideas and the rest are not worth listening to.

Shame to be in marketing and only promoting yourselves.

@Yann - I disagree with you on the ability to go across from PR/marketing to social media. I do it every day in a large IT infrastructure company. What I agree on is that the mindset needs to change - mine was that of conversation before social media became sexy, so I really didn't need to adjust too much. However, there is a need to educate the rest of the organization. They're a very smart group of people, so I don't see that part as being an issue.

@Katie - Glad you're considering adding the Twitter account to the blog. I will amend the post. Thank you for letting me know.

@Laura - I agree that you could be using the tools - or misusing them as it might be - and still be clueless as to crafting a strategy that meets business objectives and is measurable. You need to have both. I do see many agencies streaming the senior management Twitter accounts on their sites - and those streams add no value whatsoever. It's not the showing, it's the doing that matters!

@Ryan - thank you. The reason why David was included was that he was in the original list and I changed the name of his affiliation without thinking :)

@Craig - interesting concept and posts. Retail must be one of the toughest markets there is for the often thin margins. It must also be one of the most fun and rewarding when things do pick up. I would be curious if that is the case.

@Tom - I appreciate your highlighting other blogs in addition to your won contribution, and I see that as good karma would have it, someone is recommending yours. I also see Marc Brownstein on that list - we're working together right now.

@Sue - good tips, thank you!

@Geoff - the hive concept is intriguing as I've long held the belief that social media is a team sport as all relationship-based pursuits are.

@Tom - that's a good question. Agency has a structured account team, and on the ad side, either doing the media by, or working closely with PointRoll and the company that makes the media buy (analytics wrapped around that). I tried working with a virtual team of consultants and the results were just not there... uncoordinated approach, lack of regular schedule and cadence on projects for lack of a strong account manager. Also, when I work with agencies, they work with each other to coordinate - there is full communication across the spectrum, which is how I (try to) work internally.

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