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Sometimes I think we're like a fish in a stream that hasn't worked out (a) they're suspended in water and (b) which way their pointed and (c) which way the stream is flowing.

For the fish, survival depends as much on what flows toward and past than how hard it swims. Momentum is all around carrying opportunity toward and away.

When we talk it's not that we're not doing that's the problem - its that we've generally stopped watching ( what we talk about is all that we can see).


@Rich - it's a challenge that exists all around. It's much easier to talk about doing something than actually doing it. Most of the time because to do something you may need a process, or a way to keep the momentum going. I use running (endurance training) and the commitment to sports to learn about perseverance (and failure).

@Joe - collaboration is all about saying yes. Especially when you invent something new, there is no baseline, there is no map - only possibility. The distance between opportunity and success is implementation.

@Jerranna - now we know you were serious. I'm thrilled that you started your blog Welcome to the blogosphere.

@Diego - thank you. I wrote it after my morning run, I think it comes across. Courage - great point! We try to emulate others and best practices because doing something different takes courage. It means stepping forward. We know you're not afraid to try that.

Way to go Valeria, the energy in this article is great!
The practical approach is vital, certain things can be done only if put into practice with a good dose of courage, and not letting the lack of a particular knowledge stop you.


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