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And there it is:

"But what holds us back - A "pack" weighed down with 100's (if not 1000's) of idea's of what we should be doing in business."

Thanks Peter.

And since most companies lack a mental model to filter ideas and focus attention and activities, the pack gets removed and placed in a conference room. And everyone goes back to the thinking and actions which they're most comfortable with, and which serves their near-term personal and professional interests.

As someone who wakes up knowing he will be wrong about just about everything I'm naturally disagreeable.

I've long understood that the greatest form of misunderstanding between two people is agreement. A meeting of minds is a rare event indeed.

For the rest of the time, we simply recognise our own familiar and comfortable thoughts in the voice of the other. Our thoughts are not challenged but re-enforced by nearly everyone we meet - It's the most practical of all human delusions.

Sometimes we need to shout to ensure we don't reach false agreement.

When Tom say we all agree with the 100 thoughts on marketing there is not 1 (one) agreement but as many agreements as you have readers. You can see what holds us back.

My advice, listen loudly to those who shout if you want to find "true" agreement

But what holds us back - A "pack" weighed down with 100's (if not 1000's) of idea's of what we should be doing in business. Swap the ideas with something to trade and hold our your hand with mindfulness.

Spk soon.


Organizations are held back by a number of issues. The ones I hear from other marketers are (in no particular order):

1. Lack of agreement among management team how to tackle social media

2. Lack of understanding from the top on what exactly is social media and why the company should care

3. Not enough resources (not only the marketing dept is managing shows, website, advertising, lead generation, but now they also have to create a facebook page, blog, and twitter accounts)

4. "Not applicable to my industry" syndrome, in which companies think this social media thing is not impacting their particular turf

5. Fear (of doing it wrong, of not being able to keep up, etc.)

Another interesting question is: for those organizations that have taken the plunge, why some are so bad at it?

Thanks for the insightful post!

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