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@John - I'm getting the sense that Dell plateaued a little. I do admire that team, however we will not have real progress with social media until there is true integration of these tools with the business, and not just on a remedial basis. As for comprehension and assimilation of information, we all have different speeds/times. For some, it drives the point home when they experience it directly.

@Andrew - glad to be of service. Funny how the social media release has not really been done - too much work, I suspect. It's far easier to send a bunch of emails without worrying that most of them get trashed.

Valeria - thanks for the post. We are preparing to reach out to a small set of influencers whom we identified over the past few weeks. I just sent your post to my colleagues and we'll use it as the basis for our team huddle. The blogger perspective, as well as the links to the social media release, are going to be helpful on our path toward engaging in conversation, and not just pitching. Thanks, as always,


To me it is all about execution. Doing your homework and attempting a dialogue is going to have a greater chance of success.

Not sure I agree with the idea that social media engagement is un-scalable. Ever since Dell, I think that company has proven that it is possible to connect with a lot of people (millions) with a fairly small staff. I think it is more of a matter of a company not understanding the potential ROI, and investing in themselves.

Lastly Valeria, do you ever get the sense that people listen to only half of what you say, and understand only 25%? :-)

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