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@Dennis - As I wrote in my post, it's the fans and Ferrero's incredible distribution system. Imagine what they could do if they helped the two connect.

@Eric - hence the "tell Ferrero" button. Well said.

Excellent post, your reference to finite and infinite market is comparable to what's happening in traditional media and social media.

The community has always been there for brands, perhaps it's the brands that weren't there wholeheartedly for the fans? Social media is now making a few of them to realize the meaning to connect and the value of engagement.

Thanks for the further thoughts on Nutella. My Tuesday Beg to DIFFER blog was in a similar vein (but with less depth of SM thought so thanks).

I'm always fascinated by "semi-accidental cults" like this - where the brand manager totally clues out (more TV advertising in Europe - yeah!), but yet, they manage to thrive through the volunteer efforts of fans.

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