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It's interesting because the question of control comes up more and more in so many forms. It seems that we're experiencing fatigue from the age of processes, assembly-line thinking, and the McKinsey's of the world. I agree that markets are self correcting - we shouldn't have bailed out large organizations that continue to thumb their nose at us.

The trend in Italy has been going on for years. When people lose hope that they'll be able to feed their family and care for them, they stop making babies...

Call me a pessimist but I heartily disagree with this point: "going from free markets to stimulus capitalism - governments at the forefront of funding basic science and technology research and constraining big new development projects."
I believe that the economic downturn is nowhere near the bottom, and that increasing heavy-handedness on the part of governments to 'control' markets will have a devastating impact on science and technology.

We are also unable to foresee the consequences of what Europe is doing to itself - with declining birthrates among the historic populations and burgeoning immigration by islamic (and Islamist) populations from Africa and the arab world.

Is France still France when the "native" population is down to 40% of the total? (See
I suspect that the next 25 years are going to be much more fluid and unpredictable than many expect.

Thank you, Siobhan. Glad you enjoyed.

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