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@Achim - it would make sense to review the organization structure as it relates to the job the customer wants done today. We're a bit in catch up more, looking at the service delivery from a company process standpoint vs. a job to get done from the customer POV. I know it reads like I'm not answering the question directly, but this is how I feel about it.

@Carrie - well said! Thank you for stopping by.

@Aysel - curiosity and willingness to learn could easily apply to this description as well. They would work both for the process-oriented candidate and for the creative one. Good thinking.

@Monica - that's a discussion we had recently off line - how do you gain experience to qualify to have experience? It's the classic Catch-22. I'd say it starts with some of the same characteristics - being interested, being willing to learn, and staying "hungry" for understanding the motivations of others to provide the right kind of information to the right publics. Shadowing someone who has experience may also help you uncover your sweet spot. Read, participate, observe.

@Denise - this is one take. I'm quite sure there are many others, depending on the specific needs of a business or industry. Plenty of opportunity to align the business with its publics today.

Love it - didn't realize how much of what I've been doing fits - thanks for clarifying the vision.

Just ran across this in my google reader. Great information! I am just starting out in the PR field, and I will use this as a check-list of sorts as I build my knowledge and experience. Just out of curiosity, and to help my job search, I'm wondering how you might describe an entry-level position, or a position with less than a year of experience. Thanks!

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