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@Deni-the fact itself that Chris would take the time to do this interview shows how available he is to others. Yes, I enjoy learning about the story behind the story myself - and I do remember Guy's foray, too.

@David - it looks like you're observing and learning your way, just how you describe your path here. Thank you for the kind words. You're welcome here any time.

Great questions Valeria, and really insightful answers Chris. I always find it really interesting to hear how people have gotten to the point they're at today. It's awesome how your roles and goals have changed over time. It gets me excited to see how my own path will develop as I'm just getting started in my career.

Both of you are great inspirations to me. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the nice concise interview with Chris. He has a sharp perspective on what does and does not work in social media. It's good to read about Chris' background and how he came to forming his thoughtful ideas and opinions. As someone who is looking to learn a lot more about this realm, I appreciate the insight.

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