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The SMR is such a powerful tool, especially when compared to an old-school press release.

The interactive elements make it easier for the viewer to get a better "taste" of what's really happening.

As for other elements to add value...a chat feature may be helpful as well.

SMR's have helped create additional interactions - I'm definitely a fan.

Here's our example of the SM Newsroom:

@Valeria - I like the way you put that, more spontaneous. It's a question that's starting to pop up for PR and marketing folks who are getting involved in more digital storytelling: do we go for sophisticated or should we do the YouTube look and feel? You might be interested in my recent blog post on this topic as well.

@Jonathan - thank you for stopping by. Funny thing is that I wrote about Microsoft in my subsequent post.

@Harriet - I'm thinking that the less produced, more spontaneous kinds of videos today work better vs. the TV perfect make-up ones. That's probably why more and more people flock to YouTube to find something interesting to learn. I do like the TED talks as well.

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