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@Jamie - it took me a little while to figure out, too. Your experience depends on who you follow. There have been speculations that FB baought FF for its awesome search feature and to compete better with Google.

@Kevin - yes, open source, OpenID.

@Brad - sounds like you two know each other. Somehow, I'm seeing evidence that although many talk about collaboration, we do not really have an open source culture online, at least not in the circles I've traveled. It's not the tools we miss, it's the focus on those alternatives. Just a thought.

Kevin, as usual, is spot on here (although I don't think is pointed the right direction yet).

This post warns that "That API your team just wrote an application for? It can be changed overnight - or disappear entirely." -- but as Kevin's comment suggests, that's only a problem with a closed source model.

Hopefully more tools will go the route (go open source to survive), rather than selling to FB or other walled gardens.

You miss the solution - we need free and open source alternatives like Wordpress or

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