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I'm having a conversation about collaboration with my ceo now.

Internal collaboration is nothing new. Some organizations excel at it; we can all stand to improve it. External collaboration is the new frontier.

Sharing best practices and stimulating innovation across and even within industries is essential to creating real value as our economy evolves. The urgency of a more agile, collaborative dynamic extends to the public sector as well. As thought leaders, we play a critical role in building sustainable communities and repairing our splintered political discourse.

So, of course, I am going to ask when the "Conversation Agent" book is coming out. Now that is something I'd buy ;)

And I am looking forward to Chris and Julien's book - whenever Amazon get around to shipping it to this side of the planet!

@Jerranna - thank you for stopping by. I rad with interest your latest post on the reality of keeping to a schedule for blogging. Many of us make it a habit, that's how we stick to it. But you're right, with certain kinds of work and without the proper technology, it can be hard to feel one can keep up. Some have switched to less time intensive forms of posting updates with Posterous and Tumblr. They may be a viable alternative.

@Karen - by example. That's what case studies are anyway, right? It's the only way, showing them up, showing it (success) off.

@Ricardo - Awww, thank you. You're too kind. I try to be helpful. Collaboration is such an important word for me that I put it in a slide at work, twice, recently, without realizing. When it showed up on the screen, I just said "did I mention that collaboration is important?"

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