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I loved the idea and it kept you motivated to watch the video to find out what the story was. Great way to pass this on and get positive press from this story.

@Rod - the old, we've tried that before could also have been an idea that was never really hatched, but just put on the back burner.

@Elizabeth - things are not going to go back to the same old ways. This recession is truly a reset, not simply a set back.

@Paul - indeed!

@Coree - valid for employees as well - the whole ecosystem. What's sad is that often great companies are built upon a wonderful culture and then they get acquired by other companies that work differently. Kindness, being helpful - both go a long way.

@Karen - I'm definitely voting with my wallet, my attention in how I spend my time, and with whom I spend it. More and more people are doing that than ever before.


I love the clip and like the way you drew an analogy between that and the "profit motive." Call me an idealist, but I do believe that things are changing and people are becoming less tolerant of companies who fail to recognize the best interests of the consumer. It's time for more companies to realize this and "put out." As Dylan once said..."the times, they are a-changin..."

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