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Hi Shih,

I gave you a difficult one, wow. Thank you for pointing that out. What the paragraph means is that companies can probably start to justify participating in social media if they can promote what they do. Which is by the way the prevalent trend on these tools - people do promote their stuff. Maybe we accept that more because we feel they're like "one of us" and not one of the big brands? Sustainability of these tools will be determined by adoption.

Hi Valeria,
I'm really interested in this article but unfortunately there're some sentences I can't fullly understand. Could you kindly explain again?
"The ability to promote what you're working on is part of that - and ironically, part of the sustainability of the very tools we hold in such esteem as to dedicate endless posts to using them."
This sentence seems to be the gist of the paragraph. But just can't get it.

@Peter - you always manage to help me think further. Online I've been getting a bit lazy lately and gravitating towards what agrees with me too much. Did you get a blog off the ground yet? How can I spend a few hours conversing with you? It would do me a lot of good, I know. Promise you'll let me know when you're in the US next and I will tell you in the unlikely event I make my way to Australia.

@Meryl - much of my writing is a way to think through problems by story telling, and to gain insights from all of you. You have quite an interesting background.

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