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Valeria, I've always preferred quality to quantity. In social media this is of utmost importance. You can sure jump onto all social networks and try to connect to as much people as possible and then promote your message. What will be the attention ratio? Close to zero.

Indeed, thoughtful scaling will bring better results - and, yes, it requires much more investments (time, actions, etc).

Answering your questions "Can you be everywhere you need to be and still manage to be responsive on each?" With smart monitoring tools you sure can :)

@Nicola - thank you for stopping by and liking the post.

@Ryan - I started very, very small. With the community for Fast Company, we had 4 people the first few meetings. They were great discussions, very intimate face to face opportunities to get to know and understand what we were looking for and even celebrate each other (there were a couple of birthdays). There was a standing joke that I was more the "company" than the "friends" part of the Company of Friends (name of the network) because of my structured approach to growing the group and using content to invite the right people to the conversation. I learned so much about my own limits and asking for help from those years! Today I would do it all differently. Not necessarily better, just different. Glad you mentioned Ford, now I like them thanks to Scott. Amazing how one person can change a whole conversation, isn't it?

The conversations surrounding scale are getting increasingly better/more significant and I'm glad you cover it here.

To your point about less volume, more connections - this is something that took me a long time to learn, but the evidence is overwhelming. Investing the time to connect with 8 people ensures I have 8 solid friends that will speak well of me (most days), re-tweet my information, be candid and share criticism with me, etc.

These 8 people help me learn, grow and scale much better than spending all that time trying to connect on the surface with countless.

I had the fortunate pleasure of watching David Armano of Dachis Corp speak yesterday (and read Peter's post on scale today), and I like their approach thus far.

I also appreciate what Keith Burtis said as well -- that you have to scale one at a time. Scaling to one person well ensures that person spreads your message/intent/et al to their stream of friends (ex: Ford's Alan Mulally calling one influential customer to sell a vehicle.)

Oh, and thanks for acquainting with me Olivier's work via your blog. Also had the opportunity to hear him speak and he's a great guy full of useful information not just about ROI, but this entire sandbox.

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