Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Top Ten Reason Why we Need Another SxSW Panel on Social Media


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@Jeff - thank you for leaving a comment at the panel picker as well. We're visual creatures, and a picture can really light up our imagination.

@Brian - you caught me. It was organized to be a neatly packaged, integrated message. Kami has been a long time friend. We met in person a few years aback when she attended a PR conference in Philadelphia and we've been in touch since.

@Rich - it is also something that needs to be integrated throughout the organization. The business is very much part of it.

Why I am not surprised to see you share my mantra that social media deserves integrated communication, with varying skill sets?

I think would make a great panel; especially as it would present material that reminds people that there is little ownership in a space that allows for a certain surrender of control.

All my best,

Nice slide show. Short, to the point, images that connect with the message. There's symbolism there and it works. Nothing worse than a member of the management club reading page after page out of the report in front of you as it goes across the screen with letterhead slides...

Wish I could make it out. One of these years, I know I'll have to. I'm not familiar with the third name on the panel, but considering I'm already reading yours and Olivier's sites daily, I'm sure that will be a third staple.

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