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Mine is a short and not very dramatic tale ~ but it demonstrates the power of our online twitter connections.

I was working on the project covered in my August post ~ Essence of Italian Design ~ however unable to get through to my contact at Marina in Italy, Donatella Consonni. In fact last year I had tried to order something & finally just gave up!

On September 23 it became absolutely necessary for me to find someone in the company who could give me the same wonderful customer service Donatella Consonni had given us in the 80's and 90's, sadly I don't speak Italian and I felt this was key to establish a NEW relationship and obtain the customer service I expected from an old fashioned European company.

I sent a D to Stefano Maggi on twitter. Within five minutes I got a response, here is my Skype info, call me in twenty. I responded~ traveling, skype not an option, let me e you with info~ ~ via email I explained my obvious dilemma in four lines, I needed someone to call and pave the way for me to obtain prompt and efficient service for the order I needed to place (they are the only company in the world where I can obtain the parts) Stefano responded to my request ~ I'll call them tomorrow during business hours. And by the time I got to my computer the next morning, the situation was resolved. in less then 24 hours, Stefano had called Marina, spoken to Donatella Consonni, found she was only working part time & only mornings. The mystery was solved ~ the connection made and we could proceed efficiently with our project, thanks to Stefano ~ @stefanomaggi going out of his way to help. And our only connection is twitter @CASUDI

Thanks for your email! I tried to reply, but it came back undeliverable. No worries; all I said was:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me directly! I love it when there's something going on that suggests something for me to blog about, especially if it fits right in with the topics I normally deal with. I'm now following you on Twitter.

@Danny - thank you! For leaving the smiley and for contributing the story.

@Arik and Scott - good to make the connection off Twitter. See? It's working in so many ways!

@Janet - loved the call to action at the end. Thank you.

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