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@Steve - so don't. Don't add fuel to the fire. Don't repeat the description anywhere else. Stop it from spreading by learning to view things from other perspectives. Glad you liked my approach. Feel free to improve on it by being even nicer :)

@Taylor - you teased out those elements concisely, and you get the credit for inspiring me on top of those - meeting with me when you were in the area, taking amazing photographs, writing interesting content overall.

@Paul - ditto for your work. It's not - the only way I know how to stop that is by becoming better myself.

Although I'm way too quiet about it, I really appreciate and enjoy what you share here, Valeria. You inspire me. Thank you for that.

And, I know exactly what you're talking about. I too have faced some "unkindness" at times and it is never easy or fun.

Valeria: Glad I could help inspire you these last couple days. But want to point out the real inspiration is Umair Haque: in my comment I was just trying to translate a bit of his ideas. He deserves the credit for the inspiration, not me.

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