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Thank you all for the very kind words. Where did the time go? I said it early on - I'm in no rush. To me relationships are savored over time. And yes, we can choose a course at this very moment that could be the first step to a very rewarding experience.

Valeria: Happy 3rd Year Bloggiversary! Here's a toast to a great 4th round to come... :-)

Valeria, again congrats! This is a huge feat.

People are always in a rush. More so now than in the 'good old days'.

Technology often gives us instant gratification, if only for a moment ... but it also leads many to believe that communications and relationships can be handled in the same way ... quick input, quick return.

It just doesn't seem to work like that. Real relationships can not be rushed, they must be genuine, have the best of intentions, and often, expect nothing in return. Most take time to develop, sometimes they 'just happen'.

Likely, the expectation that real relationships can be created just as quickly as online 'friends' or 'followers' is guiding many down the wrong path.

Quality and not quantity is what it's always been about.

That's my take off the top.

Again, congrats!

To the next three!


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