Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 5 Straw Man Arguments to Take a Pass on Social Media


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Fantastic post and comments!! The internet and the social medias are additional doors we can open to meet the like-minded, the experienced and those that might be seeking assistance in our field. Now social media has been recognised as an effective form of marketing, businesses are jumping on the wagon from all directions, whether they know what they're using it for or not!

This is an exciting time for social media where more and more people are joining and willing to meet, trust and learn from others. Thanks for sharing!


@Julio - congratulations on your brother's success. It must feel good to have drawn a correlation between work and results.

@Christian - there are two solutions to people saying bad things 1) be helpful and positive, no matter what 2) provide an amazing service with good attitude. That's what you can control. If you do that, there will be others in the community who will call out unfairness when someone complains.

@Alexandra - good rant. Thank you.

@Mike - not to mention that today's rules were just as invented as the excuses.

@Leigh - at the end of the day, if you want to have a conversation you might as well go where people are. We do that in the physical world, don't be? We know that we cannot expect the world to come to our doorstep.

Always salient, Valeria.

As I have been saying for more than 18 years... in the history of media and communication, no channel has replaced another. We still have print, signs, broadcast communications, cable, phone, etc. Certainly the channels evolve, but if companies fail to move with it - they will become fossils.

Fear change and fossilize... or embrace your trepidation and evolve!

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