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Thanks, CASUDI. I appreciate the kind words.

I've actually just returned from the same race event where the picture above was taken some years ago. My hope was to be able to put together an article for my Gearbox Magazine site about Mitsubishis at the rally, but fate was unkind. All the Mitsubishis there broke down (even my own on the way there)!

Thank you, Valeria, for thinking highly enough of me to consider me for an interview like this. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know!

Great interview and great picture to go with it. I agree Brian can really write, he has a very original and illuminating way with words, not easy to be that original when you consider how many people are writing these days. I forward his posts to several of my friends not in SM and one emailed me recently saying how much she would like to meet in person someone who could write that well! I am especially enjoying following the evolution of his community and have learned a great deal. It is coming out way beyond what I would have expected.

I don't know Brian in person, however I think your interview has captured him just as he is and I really enjoyed getting to know him better.


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