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@Brian - your touched upon the real issue, which is people do not in fact contact the author, or if they do, they don't wait for a reply, they just go ahead and post anyway. The best example of not listening - "Hey, is it ok if we stream this?" You reply: no, it's not, and they go ahead and stream in anyway. It's an issue and we'll see more cases.

@Kevin - very interesting. Has the tracking helped you also gain intelligence as to how people were using the content and possibly to connect with a community you could serve? That would be where I would take the tracking next. Turn an issue into an opportunity.

@Michael - it was resolved, thank you for asking. That instance is what prompted me to reach out to Jonathan to learn more.

Very timely issue Valeria. One that doesn't get enough press I find, but clearly an important one. A while back you posted on Twitter about a site that was copying big pieces of your articles. Was that resolved?

When we launched our corporate blog, we looked for ways of protecting our IP. We ended up finding a free software called Tynt or Tracer that allows you to track where your content is being copied. I believe it only applies to content that has actually been copy and pasted... but at least you get credit for the content when it does happen. Not a solution, I know, but we have been able to track where some of our copy is going.

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