Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 12 Things I Learned at the Inbound Marketing Summit


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Valeria, your call-out on content is very sage advice -- and an area where I think we as marketers needs to spend a lot more time. It's something that I've been thinking a lot about recently.

But I think that it's not just a gap or need, it's really a symptom of a marketing org that has it's focus off (and many organizations have this problem, so that's why it is a widespread issue).

If we're truly focused on the buyer, then we think in terms of our interactions with that buyer and the buyer's experience. When we do this, and we have a sense of critical paths and personas, mapping content to the 'dialogue' we're having is easy. It just flows.

Yet when we don't think this way and think in a one-way batch/blast context, that's when we stand around wondering what to write. But, again, I think it's b/c the fundamental focus is off, rather than us just having a hard time coming up with what to write.

Isn't marketing 'writers block' really just marketing lack of focus?

Something to think about, and glad that the inbound movement is raising this issue in a new light.

Good stuff to be thinking about.

Thanks for this great summary... and the citation. Sorry that I couldn't have stayed for more than the first day, but this helps. Also wish we could have met to chat.
Rich Ullman


Thanks so much for posting these. I'm finding the 1st and 5th points to be truer and truer. Consistently updating one's website is the only way to gain more readers, as well as maintain the current ones.

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