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What we should have is leaders Google themselves and then Google the people two levels down in the org chart. Then, we'd have something to talk about!

Google Wave - I haven't gotten a beta invite yet, so all the information I have is third party. 12 months is a short time for a new technology that requires critical mass to get enough momentum with users and become boring enough for some to have practical application.

How many years did it take search to take hold as a marketing vehicle? FriendFeed never really went mainstream. Maybe it's not like growing apples, but you certainly need some seeds to water in order to grow anything.

I like it...

........Like a Game and needs participants.

I have someone near and dear to me who uses this exact method as she teaches those under five to get over the humps and learn to speak, listen and interact. Storytelling and treat it like a game.

Recently I heard a comment: You can solved any problem with pictures. Two people + pictures = communication.
--- Enjoy how you combine the photos... the concepts... great job.

With companies using the metrics of old to get the results the next 60 days, social media is a little like growing apples...

Takes 3 years for to see the apples begin to appear. A company relies on past data to determine future and keep risk / waste low. So 3 years from now, that is when the movement expands to ... ?

Wonder how many leaders Google themselves or their company? Wonder if it matters? Wonder if they see competition more predominant in search engine responses important?

Still in evolution.. and the leapfrogging continues.

To answer your question: Will Google Wave be earth moving over the next 12 months? How and Why?



That is a topic that we can tackle in future post. Thank you for requesting an elaboration.

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