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@John - your enthusiasm is a joy, something we can all use more of in our lives. You have made some new connections today. I'm excited that you met Harriet and Christa - two practitioners and contributors in the media creation sense.

@Christa - you're very welcome.

@Harriet - gad you got to meet and learn more about John.

@John, I love your "human cliff notes" description on your website. And what an apt depiction of the value of your services. Great to meet you!

The ability to simplify complex ideas is an immensely important business skill. As a communication consultant, I continuously run into the scary smart types who think that, ironically, the more complex they make things sound the better the results.

Love to continue this conversation offline if you're interested.

Wow, this is serendipitous. A good friend and prospective business partner recently told me I suffer from an inability to launch because I can't harness all my creative ideas. He's probably right. :) John, I'm checking out your site right now -- free is very good!

Valeria, thank you!

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