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Ironically I see us going backwards to a time when PR meant public relations not press release.

(There are still places where press releases are useful background, and in big listed companies a necessity for stock market disclosure purposes, so not kissed goodbye totally - yet.)

But PR practitioners are going to have to become more specialist at reaching out to (targetting, in old speak) specific audiences in different ways through the media selected by the audience(s), be that print, social media, mobile, events, experience.

Because they have more choice than ever we will need to be specialists in industries/audiences rather than in media relations, social media etc - becoming more immersed in our 'markets'.

So sorry, social media experts, that means you may be superceded (but in a nice way, of course!) by social media users as the PR industry ups its game.

Claire Thompson

@Tom - you expose that well. I do wonder if organizations have the discipline - and patience - to get there in world for long term continues to be sacrificed to today's results.

@Harriet - it is a period of opportunity and a good thing for the storytellers among us. However, the more programmatic colleagues continue to prevail...

@Aysel - many organizations small and big have folks in marketing who do not understand or have practiced marketing and communications but follow the recipe provided by analysts... That's even more dangerous. I say embrace the storyteller. Story draws people in. Attraction is much more powerful than rational thought.

I believe the future of all communications positions is ever changing, including PR. Online resources are expanding beyond belief and this leads lots of smaller or medium sized companies to "do PR and marketing on their own." This means we have a lot of people with various backgrounds trying to figure out how to do PR while injecting their opinions and knowledge into the mixture.This could be potentially interesting for the future of PR or it could lead to something more chaotic.

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