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@Gianandrea - glad it was helpful. yes, lists are risky, but only if you don't pay attention.

@LuAnn - you're very welcome. I'm so glad you're making connections! Who knows? Projects, ideas, and face to face opportunities may come from them.

@Max - good for you on thinking about a way to connect with the local community. Taking the initiative is a good thing. It starts the conversation.

@David - what can I say? I'm not very original, but at least I let genetics and environment take the lead on ordering things.

@Jack - talk can and does change our lives when the intent is to connect. As an aside, I like the workbench metaphor.

@Gini - we are a funny bunch for sure ;) If we only each met three new people to engage with, it was worth having this conversation.

People are so darned funny! You're absolutely right - the whole point is that you connect, you engage, and you build your community. If you're not doing that, and you're not included on fabulous lists like this, you don't deserve to be on it.

Just like David I found some new friends on this list and am thrilled you included me.


Put me in the thrilled category! Many thanks for the new friends with whom I have conversed since this list was published.

My expanded thoughts on the list:

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