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@Patty - glad you felt motivated. We cannot resist the temptation of comparing and contrasting... resist we must though. We connect best when we make our own game, at our own pace.

@Rich - good of you to keep it simple. We all know simple is not necessarily easy.

@Tom - born of a reflection around the behaviors and conversations observed online in the last several years. There seems to be a maturity point we're coming to, and a welcome one at that. Thank you, as always, for stopping by.

@Tim - nice to meet you, virtually. Thank you for the link. Service is a powerful message when shared in the right manner, isn't it?

"Making a consumer's day" - what a great objective for companies, brands and communications, and a great way to be invited into a conversation. Spending more time and energy doing stuff for people rather than telling them how great we are has implications for how we define and manage brands, wrote something on this here:

Thanks for a great post.

"Enough with gimmicks. We need more business people to teach us about connections, to market and to communicate. Business people understand the importance of value. It's time for the technologies to become boring. It's time for us to stop seeing "channels" and start seeing people."

Well said Valeria! All thoughtful and caring people eventually come around. :)

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