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Valeria -

Who is that dude in the pic waving his arms around? I wonder what he was saying to put a smile on Ann's face and causing YOU to laugh? Maybe talking about chocolate?

Back to the content of your post, I love when you make statements like this,

"Connecting ideas and people is where it's at."

I think that sentence encapsulates what I believe to be the reason life is so much fun.

Thanks for continuing to write blog posts that make us think. You rock.

DJ Waldow
Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

@Shann - it's about "and/and" vs. "either/or". For some, it will be a subtle adjustment, for others it will be a big shift. We're all connected, whether we agree or not, what happens to one of us, happens to all of us - think decisions in organizations, but also in communities, cities, etc.

@John - thank you. In Italy, many cities have educational events for the whole community that stretch from the city to the suburbs with lots of activities for citizens to join in. That kind of public learning is also something the US can model from. It helps raise the whole community and engages its participants.

@Brian - I saw your comment to Olivier's post ;) Looking forward to your thoughts about implementations and opportunities. See, each one of us can do so much to influence the creation of "thick" value.

@Russ - it's not old until it's done and we have lots of room for the doing part. Both reactions you describe are very human. Organizations are the people in them and how those people behave. Thank you for stopping by and adding your voice.

Reminds me of The Cluetrain Manifesto from so long ago... great post. It is true, it seems that while some big corps are getting the message others are becoming even more rigid in the face of changing times.

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