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It seems like collecting customer feedback and metrics is the easy part - it can be as easy as adding a plugin to your website.

The hard part seems to be staying on top of all that data and acting on it.

@Digitalinfant - indeed, the stats offered by Sam Decker are quite interesting. Thank you for the link. Interestingly, reputation systems are very subjective. What is a 3-star performance for someone, could be 5 stars for someone else. Still, I agree with you, reducing information cost means going along with what others have done/are doing more often than not.

@Edward - you know I do that, right? That's the way I was built. My desire is to help people connect with others who they will find interesting and helpful. We organize face to face forums for this kind of learning and conversation.

@Andrew - taking action and communicating you've taken action are critical parts. I'm very familiar with outcome-based innovation and the body of work by Ulwick and Christensen.

The most important 2 things about using customer feedback to improve products are 1) do _something_ and 2) make changes based on the outcomes customers need, not necessarily on what they say they want. (i.e. Part of our job is to translate wants into results.)

Henry Ford is said to have remarked, "if I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse."

Thank you for the good post.

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