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You also could consider to integrate - on your own web pages - a web application to automatically identify and qualify the companies that visit your website.
So you'll obtain every day a qualified list of fresh b2b leads and you could automatically deliver them to your sales networks, to optimize and support their efforts.

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Great post and thanks for sharing these insights Valeria!

Kipp's point on access controls can be a big hurdle to effective and timely social media listening and engagement. If it isn't corporate culture that perpetuates the silos in the enterprise, its stifling policy and mandate.

That said, as a vendor in the listening space, we have seen some improvements that are encouraging and have to agree that things seem to be moving in a positive direction, especially in relation to companies taking action in more coordinated and responsible ways whenever incidents emerge that scrutinize a businesses Google resume.



I agree a lot with Jay. I think in many ways B2B organizations are ahead of B2C in measuring ROI and tying it to social media.

If you look at what folks like BreakingPoint Systems are doing, it is pretty impressive. I am researched a lot of B2B Social Media examples and sure not all of them are good, but they are moving in the right direction.

It is also important to realize the Social media doens't work in some situations. For example if the decision maker sits behind a secure firewall with no public Internet access.

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