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Ah yes! I loved reading this post! I'm keeping it! I especially like that point in #3. We gotta decide what's trash and not. And yes, only people with passion can run a marathon ;)


Andy Michaels

@Peter - wishful thinking?

@Christine - thank you for your kind words. An example of teaching and leading is parents with children. What's interesting is that many, if you ask, will tell you that they learn as much from their children as the teach - or more. Children don't wonder about passion, they just go for curiosity and exploration.

@Joe - is that why so many go into communications and marketing? Because they think they follow their passion? Kidding! It seems like the environment we grow up in and the expectations placed upon us by others do have influence over what we choose to do "when we grow up". Indeed, sometimes passion consumes us. Looking forward to your putting ore in the bio. Really nice meeting you here and spending time at your place with your ideas.

Great set of pointers on passion!

A few years ago, at O'Reilly's Foo Camp (an annual "unconference"), I proposed a session to explore the following:

"What if everyone followed their passions, liked what they did and did what they liked? I suspect Foo Camp represents an unusually high proportion of people who are following this trajectory. Are we a privileged class? How generalizable is this formula? How would the world change if everyone acted this way? Could the world move in this direction?"

I wrote a blog post on the discussion that ensued:

At the end, after exploring what passion means to others, and considering that each of us is wired differently, I came away with the broader question of "whether passion is a Good Thing that I / we ought to wish on anyone else".

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