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For a reader or consumer, dropping RSS for Twitter might make sense...I wouldn't do it, but some people might. Personal preference, I guess.

But from the standpoint of a producer, focusing on RSS over Twitter is lunacy, unless your audience is extremely tech-savvy. I know it doesn't get much attention, but email is still probably the most valuable channel to develop relationships with your customers / clients / readers.

There's also the issue of owning the connection with your readers, rather than having Twitter own it, but that's a subject for another day.

Both the tools are useful but the fact that Twitter list RSS can be really cool to use can't be denied as it would have people with the same mindset sharing something of great use for anyone.But for now reader does a good job by collating all the information.

To be honest, Valeria, I use neither. Okay, that's not strictly true - I'll click through to links from people whose opinion and recommendations I trust, or if there's a tweet with an enticing lead.

Otherwise, it's email subscriptions for me as I like to read as and when I have the time, as opposed to searching through a ton of RSS feeds for possible relevant stuff.

Of course, I'm a Luddite so take everything I say with a pinch of salt ;-)

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