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This post is a great resource for an organization considering the jump from monitoring/listening to customer engagement. It is important to note, that while an organization may have a community team, the participation/engagement should be enterprise-wide. Some organizations are experimenting with an operator/social media traffic coordinator to ensure the interaction with the customer/prospect occurs with the right person in the organization.

Thank you for including us in the list of tools/resources!

Lauren Vargas
Community Manager at Radian6

This is the first time I heard of using twitter for customer service. I know that twitter is used for marketing, business, search, etc. This post is remarkable. I gained immense knowledge after reading this post .Also increased some knowledge about how to use twitter tools to keep track of tweets. I already know some tools but, here there is lot of useful information to be known. Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

Twitter should look at this post themselves and apply some of its suggestions as their own customer service is woeful.

I've only waited some 3 months (and counting!) for a response from Twitter support.

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