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@Joe - liking the impromptu sharing of your story here. Thank you. "Consequential strangers" I like that a lot!

@Tim - it started with meeting people who blog and now people who tweet. It is so great to have names and faces to look forward to putting a full person behind.

Fun e-book to read; I can vouch that Twitter is a great place to meet like-minded people. Several I have met online have become friends; some I've met in person. Some have contributed to my blog or vice-versas. It's a great way to open doors, and I continue to be impressed by the good folks I meet there.

Valeria: this is a great collection of short, inspiring stories!

In what may be a recursive example of the themes of your book, a friend I initially met via Twitter, @CoffeeShopChat, sent me a link to your eBook over the long weekend, and I used an excerpt from the first story as to finish off a post I just wrote reviewing the book, "Consequential Strangers", in which I note:

"Each story - which are all longer than 140 characters, but less than two pages - represents a consequential acquaintanceship established via Twitter that led to 'a friendship, project, career opportunity, [or] meaningful and purposeful new something'. Although Maltoni doesn't use the term, I believe these are all compelling examples of what Blau and Fingerman call consequential strangers."

The full blog entry can be found here:

Thanks for sharing!

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