Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 50 Ways to Make Limoncello When You've Been Laid Off


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Hey! fantastic post...interesting concept of making lemonade when its dark and gloomy :)

we liked this post so much, we put it up on our blog

Thanks a lot :)


I've always liked the drink, and only after I saw your comment, I thought some folks might think this was some sort of "affiliated" marketing post. It isn't, of course.

Thank you for coming in and sharing your story with us.

Follow your dream and dream BIG. Last year my wife and I quite our professional jobs of 15 years, packed up the kids, and moved from Colorado to Sonoma CA to make Limoncello – legally. The process to start a new business (HelloCello) and doing something we loved revived us and provided a mid-life awakening. We are now producing the world’s first certified organic Limoncello from Sonoma wine country grapes. To take a dream and turn it into reality took a big leap of faith that most people questioned as crazy. But now Limoncello di Sonoma is a success and seeing it on the shelf and getting praises from top chefs and mixologist provides a feeling that was missing from previous jobs. Why wait until you are forced to make a career change. Check out our Limoncello story at

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