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Huh, well I never! I didn't know Ducati had a Facebook page. Just goes to show! I wonder how long it's been up? I'm a big fan of Ducati... :-) (I need new tires on mine. The last back tire did about 2,800 miles, which is a bit of record. Normally I get about 2,500 out of the rear, and close to 4,000 out of the front. Considering the rear tires average about $380 to $390 per (fitted), I'm not a fan of Ducati repair bills...)

I'm not sure that offering discounts on a Facebook page helps interest! I want "you" to send me the discount, I don't want to remember to go looking for it. Borders emails me coupons, and if they're good, I'll go to the store and at least purchase a cup of coffee. I might not buy a book with every "% off" coupon, but I will make the trip, and I will buy that coffee. And a cookie to go with it! I might also buy a magazine, even though they aren't included in the discount offers. But if I had to remember to go looking on their Facebook page for the same coupon - I'd not go as often. Mostly because Facebook is not within my "daily habits"; email is.

And yes: let's get someone from Ducati on here! :-)

I'd love to hear their about how they view their market.

Carolyn Ann

@Sarge @Liam that's why we've added in Ducati on the above slides. It has to be something remarkable for your audience, not just for the mkt dept and/or the agency.

marketingprof has some excellent food for brain about this point

Differentiation is key, as you already know. You don't have the very same fans on Facebook than you do followers on Twitter.

Publishers have known that for a long time. Add something to the paperback edition and you will still have people who owned the hardback buy it.

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