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The purpose of marketing is to successfully "market" to management that marketing matters as much as those in marketing want you to believe.

Who or what can lay claim to the sale of one of those lovely pastries in the window - the fortunate position on the street, the town's traditions, the owners forefathers and mothers, the farmers and manufacturers who supplied the ingredients, the driver who delivered the flour through a terrible storm in time for Christmas, the person who arranged them in the window the way they have been doing for 50 years, the friend who recommended you buy from there or your mother who always buys from there, the shop assistant who carefully wraps each pastries and carefully boxes them up so that they arrive home safely , the busload of tourists that are drawn to the town at this time of year or the child who tugs at his mothers coat as they walk by

And on and on -

Is it all marketing ? - If so then nothing is marketing other than the marketer.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy year.


@Andrew - thank you for stopping by.

@Jon - sounds like I should have spelled out focusing on purpose. Sure, there are many actions we should pursue, one key purpose or raison d'etre, if you fee philosophical today.

The slides are stunning and all spot on, great presentation. The one thing I find confusing it that there are multiple instances of "one key thing you need to focus on". Sure, everything is important, and you should focus, but I'm not sure I got the key takeaway.

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