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Tanveer -

I'm getting the impression that people are easily distracted from the real issues with the shiny social media talk. Many who are online are only harnessing the power of the tools to be more efficient. Many more, never come online in the first place - no time. There's nothing like declining returns and lack of marketability to drive the reality home. Yet, I just don't see a sense of urgency, and it worries me considerably.

Companies are hiring junior (read inexpensive) people to slap a fan page up and extend digital marketing activities, changing the least they can get away with, if not cutting more people (and with them human value) from the equation.

If businesses are to be a resource, they need to reorganize around that, not just check the box on sharing links.

What you outline is part of making social media operational. A direction I'm increasingly interested in.

Thank you for the comment. A rarity these days, yet even more memorable than email in my book.


This is a wonderful and thought-provoking post. Another game-changer that helped to start this shift is Wikipedia. Instead of trying to create another pay-access to information site, they opened it up and gave it away for free. And then they had the audacity to allow the end-users to add, correct and edit the content. An outrageous concept – at least for those who've been content with the traditional business model of the last few decades. And yet, if you look at Wikipedia now, it's one of the de facto, and more importantly, trusted resources for information.

Even now thanks to social media platforms, the exchange and transfer of information is even greater, if not faster. So, trying to sit on your knowledge or information is certainly counter-intuitive these days since, eventually, someone else will figure it out and spread it around and become the source for such ideas.

I think now the goal is less to be a source than a resource, one which people can refer to for help with whatever it is they're after. I agree that the one-stop transactional world is on its way out; now it's about building relationships and products/services that are not only sustainable, but complementary to what people are out there searching for.

Another enjoyable and fascinating read. Thanks for sharing, Valeria.


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