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Hi Valeria,
I just learned about your blog from Chris Brogan's post today. I love this entry and am a huge fan of both Kristof and Friedman. I never thought much about their contrasting styles before - thanks for bringing this thought to my attention.

If my way of asking questions is leading, you can blame my years of newspaper reporting. Old habits die hard; is it a bad thing?

It would be an interesting research. Although my hunch tells me that they are quite different kinds of people who would follow Kristof vs. Kutcher. Have you asked them? If I'm curious, I go in, join, participate, and ask.

Many people write also to put their thoughts out there. In many ways, we write first and foremost to think out loud - four our own selves.

A very small and carefully selected number of letters to the editor ever get published. The limits of print space. We can pay attention to a very small number of activities and conversations at once. The limits of brain waves in the seeming limitless online space.

Indeed, our sense of self demands being heard. However, while others can give us replies, we're the ones who hold the answers.

As for your last question - your way of posting questions is leading. Don't I want a response? It depends on whether I'm really in inquiry mode or just looking to think out loud. Communication is as fascinating and complex as humans are. Knowing what to listen for is an acquired taste.

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