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It would be good if customers would be able to express what they want because if that happens then we can absolutely provide better service to them.

@Thierry - thank you for stopping by. Maybe we'll meet Owen together.

@Akash - glad the post invited you to read Doc's thoughts. And you're quite correct, at the end of the day, it's about people.

@Edward - I also like reinforcing constructive behavior. I did see your post about Pepsi's investment. That is quite intriguing and I'll be curious to see how it develops. I don't use myself as a barometer for customers, I tend to be ahead of the times when it comes to opt in - I've been immune to push messages for years. But I see that now people are catching on. I agree with you and am thrilled this is happening. It will be a good way to finally have a good conversation on marketing when the traditional marketers are done with mass approaches, push/shove, and indifference.

Positive is good. We do, finally, seem to be living in an age when more of us are rooting for each other, and succeeding by helping others succeed. (not succeeding only if a competitor fails). Clearly learning and teaching to engage and contribute, rather than message or dictate is the way to go. I think that Pepsi's new declared experiment is interesting, also all the new tools to crowdsource. More and more it will be about opting in re everything, just look at tools like Kachingle, which may be a precursor of things to come. Even the new Dominos admission of problems past and an attempt to truly listen and respond bode well for both consumers and brands. Another great post and reminder to think and experiment in the new consumer oriented way.

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