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This is an excellent book. I hope more and more companies will recognize in 2010 that social media is not a "nice to have" but a "must have" component of anything they do. I would also encourage more marketers to get familiar with rich search tools like TipTop that can be used to mine the most interesting knowledge from within social media effortlessly.

It was a great read with all the insightful inputs from some really thoughtful people.
I liked the flow of the information from being methodical, to getting stuff into detailed points, to making it simpler to understand by using a story.
Thanks a lot to all of you and it would be an awesome year to execute social media.

Bingo. Companies have a very hard time being. Even as individuals, we're used to the "to do" list, not the "to be". It's a circular conversation. Companies hire junior people - and it's the people in the middle who make stuff happen anyway - to engage with social, then they pay no attention to their insights.

I was writing my post for tomorrow when your comment came in. Without giving it away, I can tell you that there are folks already on the future generation of demand. (note word order)

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