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Good point on the adoption of the seamless integration, Louis. Different people are involved with different parts of the process, and even if you have one person overseeing everyone, which you usually don't, they will each have their *own goals* and agendas.

It is the people that don't ask "how can we do this?" instead of "can we do this?"

Early days indeed!

You bring up some interesting points. When do speaking engagements on using social engagement as a way of marketing I get a lot of questions related to what you talk about, ROI of social media, the desire to be on every network with no plan, doing things because everyone else is, but most importantly, is this a fad?

I've always believed that the "shiny object" era would come to an end, and we might start seeing a drastic decline in the next year or two. I agree with the term social media marketing being irrelevant, it'll just be marketing. What will remain will be the way we think about one another, business to business, business to customer, customer to customer, and so on. It's those relationships that will be changed forever.

Thought the seamless integration aspect, while appealing, does not seem to something that will happen soon, or be adopted quickly. A lot of companies are spending time building empires in the social space on networks where entire communities are thriving. Having them switch gears outside of those networks will be like asking them to leave billboards and newspapers right now. Innovation has to happen no doubt, but I don't think social media marketing as we know it has truly developed enough to make that leap.

@Christian - love that you continued with the metaphor in your comment. Well done! "Going down the road..." Social media exposes the lack of overall business strategy many companies have. They've been stuck in a what worked before model without even questioning if what they were doing were the right things in the first place.

@Russ - interesting that you would ask, we had a conversation about that with the team, given that I'm a brand/business strategist at the core. I think this warrants a follow up post, don't you? Meanwhile, you can look up what Avinash Kaishik already gave us for measuring increase in brand awareness here - very concrete steps indeed.

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