Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Ten Ways to Spot a Fake (when hiring a consultant)


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@Stuart - got it, thank you.

@Kellye - sometimes the LinkedIn profile is but an ad.

@Aaron - glad you were inspired.

@Bridgette - as I wrote at the end, they don't all apply literally. In that case, if a consultant cannot articulate themselves how they're going about delivering a project, you might investigate further.

@Alexandra - the other consideration is that often an outsider will be someone a company listens to. But going from listening to results takes implementation. And many companies are not really keen on doing the actual work. So it works both ways in the end. Glad you found ways to vet your relationships better.

Great post. I agree, fakes stink. We have hired way too many who have over promised or stated they had done things they hadn't.

Our company is much more diligent now with checking out what clients they have and what they have done before we hire them. We also rely on recommendations from vendors we work with.

re (6.) They won't work on-site, or in front of you

This isn't always evidence 0f a fake surely? Sometimes it's just not convenient to work on site or the workspace isn't conducive - or it's another state or country!

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