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Great post. With all of the anonymity of the online space, there needs to be a rule that we should all follow.

While I would love to think that everyone is ready to treat these conversations as sacred and in trust, we can't assume that they will be.

Much like traditional relationships, we need to hone our online and "social" ones with confidence.

Thanks for this post. We can never talk enough about building trust because in the day-to-day world, there's no practice field. You're constantly executing.

Are you familiar with "The Platinum Rule?" Instead of "Do unto others as you would be done unto," I find it helpful to try and "Do unto others as they would be done unto." Values are individual and require flexibility when aligning with them.

Hey, thank you for writing this, Valeria.

I have a difficult confession to make: A few weeks ago, I blogged about some rather childish Twitter comments made about our profession by some local acquaintances.

Rather than speaking with the individuals privately to express my dissatisfaction, I took advantage of the fact that their comments were public and called them out publicly on my blog.

Was I within my right? Sure. Was it the right way to handle it? Probably not.

We get so dogmatic about these concepts of transparency and authenticity that we forget equally important principles such as discretion, decency and restraint.

Before we rant about companies lacking human compassion, we oughtta look more closely at ourselves.

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