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@brindey - thanks for stopping by.

@Pat - we have too much data and too little understanding of how to use it and validate if it's the right kind of data in the first place. I agree with making decisions early on. In a way, the ease with which we can collect data has made us lazy on planning.


Great post - I especially liked this statement:

"...invest time and attention in capturing the data and doing something with it (the doing part is especially important)."

Too many companies are capturing data without understanding why. Instead the go sifting through data in search of gold - and the end result is analysis paralysis. You have to define the rules of the game up front - what question do you want to answer? What information is needed to develop your answer? What sources are acceptable for gathering that information?

Without this upfront work, you lack focus and invite waste.

Haha. Thanks, Valeria!

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