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I have to agree with Rich. I have seen so many circumstances where companies just throw a low level employee at "that social media thing" because they think just having their name out there is enough. As with any corporate initiative community engagement requires high level strategy, constant adaption, and a strong understanding of multiple advanced principles in marketing, communication, and management. And this post does a great job of making that point.


Bravo. Perhaps more so than anywhere else, I've noted that our local market continues to struggle with the idea that they cannot supplant what you, me, Amber, Beth, etc. share onto their least experienced communication professionals or recent interns and earn the same results.

I was even more surprised to find that the rally cry to place interns in charge of social media is being nurtured by some of our own online colleagues, creating the impression that it's so easy, anybody can do it. The net result has been making social media become exactly what some companies are afraid it is ... someone playing on Facebook.

I haven't experienced this out of market, which represents a larger portion of our client base. But here, even while teaching, I meet new "social media directors" who are still struggling with the basic tenants of communication, let alone how to apply them online.

All my best,

I think one of the biggest problems in social media is the gap that is perceived by some clients to exist between it and other marketing mediums.

For example between social media and off-line PR for example. They need to be treated as one and the same in both content and deadline.

We have a neat little video on our website at that we use to try and convey this message on integrated marketing to some of our clients who maybe 'dont get it'!


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