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@Steve - "if you make it worth their time" is key. Great content about the customer is a good primer. Better interest in listening and engaging is what creates the conditions to stay and come back for more.

@Rachel - I'm reminded of the folks who make chocolate fudge in the window. Or those who roast chestnuts by the road. We love watching how the stuff we use is made, what makes it work.

Great post, Valeria! From a web video production perspective, your ideas on content creation are spot on. Giving that inside view of how a company works definitely helps to familiarize customers with brands and also is a wonderful opportunity to encourage engagement.

Valeria - this is where the true power of digital tools come to life. As you pointed out, we CAN create great digital experiences that will lead to a better customer experience. It's a complete reversal of the thinking that we need to capture the hearts and minds of our customers 30 seconds at a time. These days, people are willing to spend a lot of time with you, if you make it worth their while. And the key to that is great content.

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